Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How does the price match program work?

We will price-match any online advertised (public) offer from the top printers in the market as Vistaprint, Uprinting, PrintingForLess, PSprint, NextDayFlyers, Overnightprints, GotPrint and ConquestGraphics.

To request a price match, please email with your name, phone number, E-mail, product specification and exact URL for price comparison.

2 – What kind of file format may I use for my design files?

All file format will be accepted, our designers check each file manually before we proceed to create the free email proof or before we print. We do recommend using .JPG format.

Most popular formats:
PDF (Single and Multi-Page)
AI (Illustrator)
– Microsoft Office Word and Publisher

3 – What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, Amex, Others), also, we provide the convenience of Paypal payments and pay by phone options.

4 – Do you offer Broker Discount Accounts?

Hot Prints USA offers discounts for customers processing 5 or more orders per day, please contact us at to request your broker discount.

5 – Where can I upload my ready to print piece to get a design proof before sending it to print?

When you enter our website on the left column there’s a section “services” which will give you the option right underneath to a link which says “upload design files”. There we will proof your design for free and send it to you as soon as possible so you will be able to make the modifications you desire before sending it to print

6 – After acquiring a promotional discount code online, where do I enter it?

This discount code is meant to be used after you have chosen the product, have specified the quantities and other requirements and you are all ready to check out. At the checkout page on the top right corner, you will find a box that will ask you to insert the code, after doing so you will be able to proceed with your transaction.

7 – What’s the normal turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time is from 4 to 6 business days to print plus 2 to 4 business days of shipping. This meaning that most likely a customer will be receiving their product in about 6 to 10 business days after ordering unless you have upgraded your order to a special request, anything from express (2 to 3 business days) or rush (next day printing). Also, you have the option of upgrading the shipping time from the standard (2 to 4 business days ground shipping) to 2nd-day air S&H or Next day air S&H

8 – As a first time user I want to know that when I upload a file, is it going to print correctly?

Yes, when you upload a file we have the option of “design proof” where we will inspect the design and send it back to you to approve before sending it out to printing. This option gives you the liberty of correcting any mistake before submitting the order.

9 – When uploading a file from an external link, how should I place my order?

We recommend placing your order simultaneously as you upload the file on the external link.

10 – What are the best options for printing newsletters?

Newsletters are considered “custom orders”. To get a quote on this service, please submit your request on our page by pressing the option that says “custom orders” after doing so, enter all the information you are requested and also include the specifications you want. Also, you can submit your questions here after submitting this, an associate will contact you as soon as possible with an answer. You can also contact us and a customer service representative can help you out with the steps you need to complete to get the desired information.

11 – Do I need to cancel my order when I need to edit a submitted image and re-upload it?

No, there’s no need to cancel an order if you need to upload a new image, this is precisely why we have the option of “design proof” before submitting an order to print to give you the chance to approve the design beforehand and if you need to edit or just submit a new design, you can do so and once more request a “design proof” before finally sending the project to the final stage of printing.

12 – What’s the procedure of placing custom orders?

On our website, on the left column, there are a sub-category “services”, underneath you will find the option “custom orders”, after clicking the link all you need to do is just fill out the fields with the requested information and proceed to submit that information. After doing so, an associate should contact you with the information you need and quotes, as soon as possible.

13 – How can I get discount codes and coupons?

You can contact one of our customer services representatives on our live chat from Mon.-Fri. from 9an to 5 pm, also call us at 866-801-1551 and they will be glad to inform you if there are any available discount codes.

14 – What do I need to provide to get a custom design?

When requesting a custom design, ideally we need for you to provide the images and text that you desire the project to have, after doing so, our designers will add anything extra to make it to your liking and also they will do a few layouts for you so you can be able to choose you one you like the best and if you need any changes to be done to it before printing.

15 – Does the price of my order vary when I order color on both sides?

Yes, the price does vary when ordering color on both sides, normally when you’re placing your order you can automatically see the variation in the price when you select color/color in exchange of color/grayscale or color/blank. If for some reason the product you have selected doesn’t allow you to see the price, you can feel free to place your order on our “custom orders” or contact us and we while providing you with a quote.

16 – Does the price you quote include sales tax?

Yes, the quote given to you by our customer service representative or one of our associates includes sales tax. That’s why normally we ask you for your state and zip code.

17 – Does add full trim bleeds have an extra charge?

Yes, adding full trim bleeds has an extra charge, depending on the product you chose to order. While selecting the different features you need in your order, you can see the price change on the top of the page as you chose or remove a feature. This applies to the full trim bleed.

18 – What are your design fees?

19 – How do I select a beginning design, which I can later customize?

You can do this by going to our download template link chose the template of the product you wish to create a design for. After doing so, you can work with that to create your own layout adding the corresponding text and images that you need or you can request our design services and one of our designers will help you out with organizing your ideas of design.

20 – I’m new to this site and need to order EDDM postcards. Do you have stock designs or do I have to design the card myself?

Fortunately, we do have templates that you can use to guide yourself in the process of designing your product If you need any extra help we also offer design services which our designers provide you with multiple layouts and you get to chose which one suits you the best and add or remove any detail before sending out to printing.

21 – Are there any booklets that can be sent through EDDM?

At the moment only a 8.5″ x 11″ (After folded size) brochure would apply for the EDDM program. USPS changes every day so it would be good to contact your local USPS and ask if it is allowed to do so. If they approve, ask for their standards and requisites for that, contact us via “custom orders” and we will be happy to assist you in that printing project.

22 – Do you guys do notepads?

Yes we do, please contact us for a custom quote.

23- What should I do when at the check out point it says that it doesn’t ship out to my area?

In that case you submit your order via “custom orders” and one of our associates will e-mail you back with instructions on how to proceed on placing your order.

24 – In case of needing a specific template for a specific business type, what do I do?

In this case all you have to do is send an e-mail to and request the type of template you need and our design department will provide you with such service.

25 – When I click on “add to cart” it will not proceed to checkout, what should I do in this situation?

When this occurs you can either try using another browser or/and also make sure you logged into our page.

26 – Do EDMM cards come with the indicia and label on them?

Yes, we provide them free of charge upon request.

27 – What do I do when I place a custom order and it doesn’t direct me to the checkout point?

When placing a custom order, all you have to do is wait for a reply e-mail from one of the associates and they will give you the required instructions on how to proceed with placing and paying your order.

28 – Do you guys offer mailing services for EDDM cards?

No, we still don’t have this service available. Just the Printing of postcards eligibles for the EDDM program are available to be shipped to the customer, then the customer takes the flyers to the local USPS for mailing.

29 – Do you guys offer in-store pick up?

No, we still don’t have this service available.

30 – Do I have to proceed to checkout first to receive a design proof or can I get before placing /paying for my order?

We offer design proof services after you place your order, just remember to chose to get a design proof when placing your order.

31 – Can I order more than one product at a time so I would only have one shipping cost?

Yes, all you have to do is click on ‘add to cart” and proceed to choose the rest of the products you. After you have everything you need proceed to check out.

32 – I tried to upload a file on the website and failed, is there any way I can do this another way?

Yes, you can use this external link and upload your file simultaneously while you place your order

33 – Do you offer a price match with other competitors?

Yes, we do! All you have to do is send an e-mail to and request one.

34 – Do you do cutting upon request?

Yes, just remember to mention it when placing your order, via custom orders or/and you can send an e-mail to .

35 – Do your prices include shipping?

While you’re choosing the features you want for your order, they don’t. but after you arrive at the checkout point and you update the “shipping information” the grand total while giving you a final price with S&H included.

36 – What is the minimum Did size accept for trim bleeds?

The min. size we accept for trim bleeds is 0.125”. Anything from there or higher is doable.

37 – Do you offer tabbed brochures?

Tabbed brochures service is not offered at the moment, but you may contact us to arrange an exception.

38 – Do you offer shrink wrapping with tri-fold brochure printing?

Shrinkwrapping service is being offered at an additional cost, please contact us for a custom quote.

39 – Can I cancel my order?

Yes, a full refund will be issued if no proof or plates have been generated. Fees may apply if proofs and/or plates for printing has been generated.