Cheap EDDM Printing (Every Door Direct Mail) Printing

STEP-BY-STEP to Get Cheap EDDM Printing done Right!


Most Important: $0.16 Postage and No Mailing List Needed!

1. Download any of our pre-designed templates or Design your postcard on any of the EDDM eligible sizes (6.5″ x 9″, 6.5″ x 12″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, 9″ x 11″, 9″ x 12″)

2. Make sure you add the EDDM indicia and the Local Postal Customer logos (download here: EDDM indicia – Local Postal Customer). If you need help adding these images to your design, we may add them for you at no additional cost upon request only! To request the free indicia inclusion please leave a 2″ x 3″ minimum space on the upper right corner on the backside of your postcard design. The return address is not required by the USPS, you may still add it next on the upper left corner on the backside of your postcard design.

3. Place an order at your proffered printer, Bundle service is being offered by many printers for this particular product, as the USPS requires the postcard to be bundled in packs of the ’50s, this is an extra step that the printer can either do it for you (most of the time for an additional cost) or you may do it yourself. Facing Slip form on the PDF format for bundling, available for download here: EDDM bundle facing slip design.

4. Once the customer receives the postcards and they are ready to be taken to your local USPS store, postage fees vary from $0.16 to $0.19. No registration fees apply for the Every Door Direct Mail service.

(Every Door Direct Mail™) EDDM™ Printing & Postcards

Planning on using the most popular and economic way to reach customers by mail nowadays? EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™) has come to revolutionize the marketing world by giving customers the opportunity to spend way less money on their campaigns.

EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™)™ is a new service offered by the USPS (United States Postal Service) to reduce mailing campaign costs. Limited sizes and templates for the postcards are required to qualify. Hot Prints USA will ensure that your design complies with USPS guidelines before we start printing.

Effective May 7, 2012, the Postal Service™ has expanded the physical standards for flats and options for simplified addressing that can be used with Every Door Direct Mail™.  For details, refer to the following sections of the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®).

(More EDDM™ printing information Coming Soon!)

Section 301.1.1: “General Definition of Flat Size Mail” ›

Section 602.3.2: “Simplified Address” ›

* Only available on 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000. If you need a bigger quantity, you may double your order quantity or contact us for a custom quote at 866.801.1551

* Folded EDDM postcards (mostly 11″ x 17″) not available at the moment.

What Makes Every Door Direct Mail Right for Your Business?

The digital world is oversized with instant benefits. When you refer to every door direct mail, you refer to a system that does not have anything to do with the digital world. However, this does not eliminate it from being an effective tool in business marketing. It is affordable, fast and effective. The EDDM service helps your business to connect with clients easily.

What is EDDM?

The Every Door Direct Mail markets businesses to the local vicinity. This is done without the need for a mailing list. With this system promoting a business is simple, it can reach customers easily. The nature of this marketing type is more beneficial to startup businesses. This is because every local business would like to introduce its name in the local area first.

How does EDDM Work?

The concept of EDDM is somewhat similar to postcards, brochures or flyers. But the delivery procedure is different. You need to campaign your business EDDM in the form of flat mailers. These mailers are created in unique and attractive designs to impress people. You can print your direct mail pieces and subsequently distribute the same using ZIP codes. The mailers are distributed with the help of trusted postal services.

Businesses that can benefit

EDDM is not just restricted to small businesses. Many businesses can use this service to promote their business. If you consider your business suitable and relevant in a specific geographical area, EDDM can be the right choice. Using digital systems you cannot be sure that your customers have gone through the mail. But using the EDDM service you can reach the target audience right to their doorsteps. The below mentioned businesses are natural fits for an EDDM marketing plan.

  • Local Restaurants
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Financial Services
  • Home Services
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Retail Stores
  • Political Campaigns
  • Home Services
  • Medical Professionals

Reasons why EDDM is perfect for your Business


Small businesses should take full advantage of the EDDM service. They can obtain several benefits. Here are the benefits mentioned below:

  • Economical Option

The EDDM service is very cheap and also affordable for most small businesses. It is the best form of local marketing. The design and layout can be prepared internally by the organization. You do not need the help of an agency if you can design it for yourself. You need to print it out and focus on delivering the mails. Apart from the production, EDDM also offers a low postage rate. This makes it incredibly affordable for a promotional marketing campaign.

  • No Need of a mailing list

The biggest benefit of EDDM is you do not need a mailing list. Since your target is to reach out as many audiences as possible, you do not need a selective list of customers. The mails are instead delivered to every house in a selected route or zip code. This also ensures that the mails reach directly in the hands of customers.

  • No Postal Limits


EDDM does not require you to purchase a postal limit. Since you are producing and delivering the order in bulk, roughly between 200-5000 pieces, the system enjoys a certain permit to add it to their mailer pieces. Moreover, these special permits also ensure that the mailers are handled separately from the rest of the mails. This saves cost and time for any business.

  • Flexibility in size

There is a specified standard for every EDDM mailer. Hence, this makes it an easy fit for every type of offers. From a quick announcement to detailed product description, EDDM is a perfect choice for quick business promotions.

  • Scope for Customization

With EDDM you will never fall short of space. Be that as it may, you must not share every little detail of your business. Product or business description should be short, clear and crisp. Hence, you automatically get a room for other valuable inclusions such as coupons, maps, and even event calendars.

Step By Step Process of Creating an EDDM 

Register with a Trusted Postal Service

Since the mail uses a registered postal service, you have to inevitably register your business with a trusted postal source. You have to register online and proceed to the next step of selecting the number of mail pieces.

Select the audience and the locality

The next step is to select the locality or neighborhood in which you will be sending the mailers. Use this tool to cover customers by particular demographics age, income and household size.

Design and Print your EDDM Piece

This is your marketing piece for the moment. It will inform the audience about your business. Take care while designing your mail piece and don’t forget to make it creative. Don’t try to copy other designs as it might not match with your business personality. Always include a call to actions and other relevant contact details to improve communication.

Decide the drop off date

When you are all set with your design and the layout is final, print it. And once the hard copies are ready, decide the drop off date. Make the required payment to the postal service provider.

Wait for the deliveries

Now you are done from your part. You can expect the mailers to be delivered at the selected locality at the particular date.

How to Make a Creative Direct Mail?

EDDM is a form of advertising and creativity is the key component to drive every form of advertisement. Although mailers are sent through the postal services, you should not refrain to sketch the needed creativity to highlight your business. Here are some unique ways to make your EDDM more creative:

  • Color

Choose the right and appropriate colors for your mailer. The format should not be composite and neither too blunt. This means, choose colors that make the format stand out from the rest. Keep combinations and contrast too. Use a suitable background to make the mailer more interesting.

  • Use Of words

The motive of the mailer is to promote and talk about your business. Avoid using too complex words that cannot compel customers easily. On the other hand, don’t use childish texts or words that do not go with the business personality. Choose the words and sentences wisely that make a lasting impression.

  • Paper Quality

Always go for superior paper quality. The mailers are intended to provide a physical touch to every audience. Inferior paper quality can make customers lose interest easily. But a strong and superior paper quality will make it more trustworthy and attractive. Glossy paper can be a more attractive alternative to plain paper.

  • Avoid Typos

It is embarrassing to distribute mailers with typos. Hence, keep the language error-free; take professional help if you are not sure about grammar and spelling.

  • Include Interesting Information

Understand the sentences and languages that customers enjoy the most and are attracted easily. Offer your customers with discounts and special offers. Including interesting information provides higher chances of attracting attention.

  • Stick to the basic format

Keep check of the margins, borders and font sizes. Keep a fixed size for the heading and a fixed size for the subtitles. Avoid using multiple font sizes. It is good to highlight the subtitles and headings. Make them bold or use attractive fonts to invite attention.

  • Use of Phrases and catchy words

Many people are familiar with idioms and catchphrases. Most phrases come with double meaning and for people; it is an exciting idea to catch the inner meaning of the phrase. Try and incorporate these catchy phrases to make your piece more creative.

  • Call to action

Many designers tend to make the call to action extra highlighted and decorated. But this is unnecessary. Always simply mention the contact details. If you want to highlight it, do so in a formal tone.

Tips to Create a Great EDDM

Here are some points that are often ignored by the best designers. Although EDDM can be designed in many creative ways, certain etiquettes should always be maintained.

Is your mailer interactive?

What is the point in making a plain and dumb mailer? Does it convince the customer about your business or service? No? This means the mailer is not interactive enough. Besides making the mailer creative, you should also add elements to keep customers happy and engaged. The best way to keep the mailer interactive is by adding giveaways, scratch-offs and surprise offers.

Use of Photos and illustrations

One of the biggest elements of creativity is the image. In the market, you will find most mailers without an image. It is only made of texts. Naturally, they are boring and less compelling to the audience. Images and graphics can make your mailer instantly great. They call for immediate attention. Moreover, images are also a great way to make an impression among the audience.

A Good Headline

Headlines are immediate elements of attraction, only if they are unique. But most designers focus on the inner contents instead of the headline. But the common human psychology is based on a good and catchy headline. This means the majority of people consider reading an article only after the headline convinces them.

Use of special effects

This is a comparatively new concept. But with a changing mindset, special effects play an important role in making a great EDDM campaign. The concept is very simple. Adding high gloss UV, foil stamping, embossing or soft-touch coating are some of the best ways of making your campaign unique.

Reasons why EDDM will work for you

The main purpose of EDDM is to promote local and small businesses in its neighboring areas through direct mail piece. This system is not designed to generate leads or promote your business at the global or national level. Hence, depending on your business and the targeted marketing strategy there is sufficient reason why EDDM should work for your business.

  • Local Level Marketing

If you are launching a new shop in a local area, would you choose to advertise it at the national or international level? No, right? A local business would certainly be looking for a local marketing solution. And what could be a better way of marketing than the EDDM service? When you know your target market is the business and homes in the surrounding areas, you know that EDDM will certainly work for you.

  • You do not need a special permit

As mentioned earlier, EDDM does not require a special permit or mailing list. This is because the mails are being sent in bulk. You aim is to inform everyone within your business vicinity about your business. So you will certainly want to cover all the houses in the specified locality. This eliminates the need for a mailing list. Additionally, sending EDDM also gets the advantage of special permits. It reduces postal costs significantly. This saves money for your business too.

  • Door Direct Mail

This is a big reason for the service to work for your business. Delivering the mail directly to people one by one is almost similar to informing people about the business personally. This provides a greater opportunity to spread awareness. Once the audience gets the mailer in their hand, they will at least glance at it once. When you consider the same for a digital mail, the chances of ignoring it remains higher.

  • Easy to set up and plan

There are many types of advertising options available. Most advertising procedures are time-consuming and need you to go through complex procedures. But when it comes to EDDM, the procedure is simple and can be put together in a few simple steps. Starting from the planning procedure to delivering it at the doorsteps, EDDM is simple, fast, cost-effective and efficient.

  • Local Business calls for local Customers

A local business targets to attract local customers. Since this is local level marketing, it makes the best way to attract people from the nearby areas. It is obvious that people from other states or nations will not make it there.

The future of Every Door Direct Mail is reliable. Despite not having any direct relation with the digital world, the EDDM service can make a major difference in the world of marketing. Probably, this is also the very reason for small and local businesses to start with this system of marketing in the initial stages.