Cheap Color Copies Printing (B&W Available)

cheap-color-copiesCheap Digital Color Copies Printing Photocopy services by Hot Prints USA, Any Size, Any Paper, Ships out SAME DAY! (On non-full bleed orders up to 5,000 Pieces When approved by 10 am Eastern Standard Time) With 2-3 business days for shipping transit time on USPS, UPS or FedEx!

Same day printing and ship-out on all copies and flyers order approved by 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time Guaranteed. For orders with full bleed or cutting needed, please allow 1-2 extra business days. UPS Ground shipping is standard for these orders, USPS (United State Postal Service) and FedEx shipping available for custom orders.


Available Sizes: Paper Stocks Available: Finishing Options:
– 3.66″ x 8.5″ (1/3 Page)
– 4.25″ x 11″ (1/2 Page)
– 8.5″ x 5.5″ (1/2 Page)
– 11″ x 8.5″ (Full Page)
– 8.5″ x 14″ – 11″ x 17″
– 12″ x 18″ – 12″ x 24″
– *Please Call For Custom Size
-Light Papers:
— 20lb Plain Paper
— 24lb Plain Paper
— 28lb Plain Paper
— 80lb Text Gloss
— 80lb Text Matte
— 100lb Text Gloss
— 100lb Text Matte-ThickPapers:
— 80lb Cover Matte
— 80lb Cover Gloss
— 100lb Cover Matte
— 100lb Cover Glossy-Special Papers:
— Indoor Magnets
— Indoor Stickers
– Free Cuts
(Up to 10)- Laminating- Folding
(Half Fold, Tri Fold, Z Fold)

*Free Cuts on all standard sizes offered online!

Marketing is More Interesting with Color Copies

From making announcements to promote a startup business, color copies serve as an exceptional marketing tool of communication. These handy little paper pieces have long been used for marketing and branding. The concept of color printing has remained the same but time has revolutionized the procedure of printing. With precision and subtlety, these attractive color copies make sense to customers in many ways. Hence, you will easily come across them all around most of the time.

What are color copies?

Color copies are impressive and professional pieces of colored documents. These are often used for marketing, promoting and communicating a business or service. But there is no strict rule about how it can be used. You may wish to print any form of information on these color enabled copies.

Why Use Them?

There are many benefits of using color copies for a marketing campaign. Designing and printing is no longer a challenge. Economically, these are cheap and you can obtain a decent number of copies in a reasonable budget. Color copies are the most innovative method of creating the first impression in the customer’s mind. Since, the first impression always matters, if you are unable to go for the expensive marketing methods, go for color copies.

Fast and Easy Marketing Tool

Every business has marketing and advertising as one of its strong foundations for survival. In a market flooded businesses, it is difficult for any form of business to survive without marketing and communication. Hence, every business will look for a marketing option, immediately after the product is finalized to launch.

Once again, business owners will fall in massive confusion for choosing the right marketing option. Sometimes, color copies are not considered as the appropriate marketing tool. Rather they are classified into the inferior category of marketing which is only meant to promote cheesy brands and products. But do you know, marketing with color copies can penetrate customers even to the deepest roots? Color copies, if designed and printed properly can create a lasting impression. As a matter of fact, these creative copies often stand useful for many customers.

Know About the Interesting Concepts of Flyers

In case, you have been wondering about the concept of a color copy here is what you should know. Flyers are easily customizable and can be designed in the most interesting and creative ways. However, when it comes to the forms, cheap color copies can range from formal to informal categories.

Promotional Copies

These are formal pieces of printed copies used for promotion purposes. It does not involve too complex designs or images. The colored paper talks about the business solely and how customers can benefit from it. But always remember, you can earn your marketing objective with a planned, simple and elegant design rather than a toxic design.

Creative Copies

Playing with colors have just got better when using a creative copy. You can use it to promote a product, a brand or even spread awareness about an issue. It is up to your requirement and choice. Creative copies have greater chances of attracting attention. This is because they are designed in innovative and eye-catching methods.


The term announcement itself develops curiosity among people to know what the information is. But when you are using a color copy, which is obviously without a voice, things are not the same. You can make the copy interesting with color combinations to describe the information.

Informative Copies

Important pieces of information are always in demand. Interesting and attractive cheap color copies can even make customers secure the paper with them for a long time. This is because they do not want to get rid of the information.

Check Out Copies

These type of copies can attract first-time customers. Unlike the others, check out copies are not necessarily distributed physically. These color copies can be put up on the wall or posted on a glass wall. People can read information from here. Interesting graphic designs and images have higher chances of attracting customers.

Forms and Response Copies

These copies are very important for market research companies, therefore Color copies can make forms and response copies enthralling. The concept of black and white forms is boring consequently, monotonous. It has greater chances of driving away from people. Adding colors and interesting fonts can make the same form more interesting. This is the same for response copies too.

Advantages of Using Cheap Color Copies

Color copies are truly amazing. It because these copies immediately give a sense of belonging on having them. These printed copies can be called in different names, but color copies remain unique in many ways. Here are the most important advantages of color copies written below.

Gives Immediate Boost to Communication

Research has proved that color boosts comprehension by a major percentage in comparison to black and white. Moreover, colors also represent the personality and business objectives of your business. Color copies can summarize your business in the most colorful and innovative ways within a small space. Hence the information should be crisp, clear and short. This will customers find it easier to understand your business.

Grabs your Customer

Intelligent use of colors can attract anyone. It is unstoppable and naturally, people will develop the curiosity to know the information. Printed documents are likely to attract more attention than one that uses little or no colors. Hence, cheap color copies already have the advantage of more attention to the colors.

Print on different textures

These days papers are available in different textures. The paper quality plays an important role too. Glossy paper is the most common format to be adopted for colored copies. This is because the colors blend perfectly with the paper and remain true. Deep and bright colors influence customers better. There are other variety of textures too.

Increases Sales Volume

Color copies can increase sales volume significantly. All the above-mentioned factors contribute jointly, in the success of a color copy marketing campaign. But you should be critical about the selection of colors. Colors have the advantage of reflecting the image of your brand well. Keep your color copy elite to keep it above all your other competitors.

How to Design an Effective Color Copy?

You can either design your color copy or hire an expert to do the same. The choice is yours. What’s important is to have a clear understanding of your brand and choosing the colors that match with your business. At first, you might find it challenging, but if you have a good knowledge of what you want, the gate to success is always open. But if you are still worried, don’t be so. Here are a few helpful tips to design an effective color copy:

Determine the purpose of your piece

Before you ask your customers, ask yourself about the purpose of your piece. Understand the audience who are going to read it and what exactly you want them to remember. Use colors that not only attract attention but also help them remember it for a long time. Determine the call to action based on your budget.

Think of the size and format

Not every colored piece is a cheap color copy. There are other varieties of colored copies too. An ideal colored copy should have proper size and format. Arrange your texts and graphics well. Keep the content short and clear. Also, pay special attention to the headings and subheads. Make them bold or highlight them with different colors.


Always create a mock design

Take time to prepare a dummy design if you are designing it by yourself. A professional will always do the same. Understand what has to be included and what has to be excluded. Once you finalize the dummy head on to the digital design and layout.

Choose a high-quality resolution

Choosing the right resolution will determine the final quality, also, of your printed layout. Keep it on a higher resolution to avoid the image getting pixelated. You do not want your image grainy. An image with low resolution will look choppy and blurred. It will lose colors and customers are certain to lose interest.

Things You Should Highlight

  • Titles including the headlines and subtitles.
  • Body Copy- the captions only.
  • Graphics including the borders, lines, and clipart.
Select the right background-color

Get the background color right. Never use a dark background color unless it’s necessary. A dark background color emits a negative feeling and is the first one to divert people’s attention. Have a good understanding of the color cycle, the primary colors and the secondary colors. This includes the RGB and CMYK concepts too. The high-end software has also made the process of mixing and blending colors easier. Use software to get the perfect blend of colors.

Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Flyer Design

Color Copies have greater chances of reaching out to many people. They are small, appealing and crisp with information. People are happy to read the information in the form of snippets rather than long texts. It does not take a long time, yet it gives a solid dose of information. But even the best designers end up with the simplest mistakes. To derive the most compelling color copies you should avoid making these common mistakes.

Inappropriate Color Selection

Since the entire concept of this copy is based on colors and texts, choosing the right colors is vital. But even the best designers fail to choose the right colors. Making an inappropriate color selection can ruin the entire objective of your color copy. This is the first mistake that needs good attention.

Clumsy and Complicated information

Since the design is based on a single piece of paper, it is obvious that you cannot provide too much information. If you are trying to accommodate too much information in that small space, you are doing it wrong. An average person, looking in the copy will like to take a glance only. Those few seconds determine whether your campaign is interesting or worth being ignored. Hence, you have to keep the information attractive, short but impactful.

Stop making Spelling Mistakes

It is embarrassing to make an impressive poster with a lot of typos. The entire situation turns to a joke. It is still better to make a simple color copy without spelling mistakes instead of an attractive one with too many typos. It makes your business unprofessional and sometimes fake. In this modern era, there is no excuse to make a mistake when there are thousands of software to rectify them.

Use of too many colors

Designing a color copy is tough if you think it is about using all the colors available. You are free to use many colors as long as it looks professional or at least formal. Choose the colors that are necessary and learn to reject the rest. Too many colors will make it look Clowney and make it lose its importance. You can instead use interesting combinations with a few colors.

Don’t Miss the contact information

Missing out contact information is the stupidest thing to do. This only makes it easier for the paper to reach the trash. Hence, the contact information should get equal priority as the rest of the information.

Poor Resolution

The second last thing that determines the printing quality is the resolution. You can have an outstanding design, but what’s the use if the resolution is poor? An image with low resolution will lose image details and make it look blurry. During pre-production keep a check on the resolution to avoid regretting later.

Poor Printing Quality

This is the last thing that can ruin the quality of the color copy. Use the best printer available to get superior image quality. Check the color levels in the cartridges so that you don’t get a faded image quality.

In the digital era, a hand copy filled with colors is not backdated. It would be wrong to think that marketing is solely dependent on the digital platform. The improved designing and printing standards has boosted the importance of printed cheap color copies too. Hence, it is time to change your views on printed copies as a means of advertisement. They are more powerful than you can think.