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“Your cheap business cards may be a small piece of paper but serves as a base of its success.”

 With modern technology taking over most of our lives, the business card seems to be the only thing that technology doesn’t seem to know how to replace. Even in the future, cheap business cards look to expand their use while being one of the best choices for business personnel to this date. Though it is just a small piece of the card yet is an equally powerful and vitally marketing tool one can have at its disposal.

Business cards are a crucially personal form of advertising and marketing wherein a matter of seconds; it gets your vital information into the hands of customers. An appropriate business card reflects professionalism, authenticity, and trust. All these factors contribute to scoring high for your company on the client’s watch. It acts as a path leading towards opportunities like profitable business partnerships, new jobs, and better money-making offers. Furthermore, it’ll put a face to your business and shape it in a brand.

Be Ready To Hand Out A Presentable Cheap Business Cards To Potential Prospects

When meeting a new professional contact, you can hand out your business card. Personal contact will keep your services in the back of their mind all the time. Maybe in future, at the right time, they’ll hopefully contact you for your services or products.

You might never notice a downside to cheap business cards since they are accessible almost all the time and easy-to-give. In short, business cards will offer you a bundle of benefits for your business and its marketing. Cards use still mainly in trend, and it keeps on growing with time.

hotprintsusa-small-invoice_logoWho are we?

We are a team of experts dedicated to providing your business the uplift you always wanted. We understand the importance of marketing in business and how crucial is it in its growth.

Our goal is to put all our efforts into printing the best quality and professional business card for you. We use the most beautiful quality paper, finish material, varnishes, and gloss in our end-products. Being one of the top retailers in the USA makes us even more productive, and we produce the product just according to your expectations.

We don’t care your business is small, or you belong to the largest firm in the country, our quality of service is the same for all. You will be delighted and proud to present your next business card in front of your clients from on, with Hot Print USA.

We understand your needs, and we believe in making your business a memorable one for your local market. Moreover, we also understand the importance of size when it comes to business cards. That is why our cards are wallet-friendly and consists of a combination of traditional and modern look. It is going to be the representation of your business, and we design them with one purpose. That once you leave your card on the table, no one will be able to ignore it.

We deliver all over the USA. So, visit our website or drop us a message to experience the best quality services. We have kept the ordering process simple to save your precious time.

Our Mission

“We, at Hot Print USA, believe in providing the best services to our customers. Our team of experts is working with a motto of quality in mind. We are here to help you in making your business better. Let’s join hands and achieve great milestones. Together, we can do much better!”

Whether you are a graphic designer or a business, looking for creative and striking cheap business cards, Hot Print USA is here to help you!

We offer a quick turnaround time. Moreover, we also deliver a variety of designs with sturdy and durable material. We understand your business needs, and we are here to give you a little bit of a helping hand. We will help your business by marketing it the better way through our professionally designed business cards.

If you are worried about getting a sound business card, RELAX! We are at this moment, your side. Here we don’t just print cards; we are so much more than printing!

Important things to consider while choosing a Business Card Printing Service

There are a few essential things we would like to recommend you before you select your business card printing service. While looking for a business card printing service, it is necessary to consider the type of paper, finishes, and shapes of your card. Remember, it is not a piece of art, and you shouldn’t care about the colors only.

  • Selection of paper type plays a crucial role in the end-product. Collection of paper includes everything from finishes to paperweight and quality of the material. There are many materials like a magnet, stock paper, linen, and plastic. So, you must choose it wisely. At Hot Print USA, we have a team of expert which are always there to help you select the material of your choice.
  • The best coatings for business cards are UV coatings. Our finishing options make your business cards look the best with high-quality finishing and glossy material.
  • Price is another essential factor you must consider while looking for a business card printing service. Never go for extra costly cards. Your aim should be to look for quality within affordability. That is why cheaper should be your priority. Less expensive, not in condition!

Hot print USA takes care of all of these factors for you. So, you need to worry about representing your business from now on. Try our well-printed and high-quality business cards to promote your brand and identity. Remember! Your business card is the showcase of your entire business.

Hot Print USA Features:

Hot Print USA offers you an easy-to-use tool to design and an extensive library of amazing templates and plenty of add-ons. You can choose and create everything just the way you want for your business.

Let’s look at the beautiful features of Hot Print USA.

  1. Design Options

Hot Print USA contains a library of hundreds of templates to make your search easy and efficient. You can choose your favorite design by using their website, sitting at the comfort of your home. Thus, you can get an idea and a perfect card for your brand. Now, you don’t need to hire a graphic designer and pay him extra bucks to get you an appealing design for your business card.

  1. Ease of Use

One of the remarkable features of Hot print USA is that it makes things easier for you. That is why we have kept the ordering process smooth and straightforward. You just need to navigate to their website and get your job done. Moreover, the user interface of our website is also friendly. Even if you aren’t a digitally literate person, you can easily surf and get through the process.

  1. Quick turnaround
Hot Print USA is known for its efficient services. Our turnaround time is generally quick, and we are very reliable when it comes to efficiency. Depending upon the size of your order, the shipping may vary. However, usually, we ship within 24 hours, which is pretty fast service.


  1. Print Quality

We understand that it’s not only the quality of material that is important, but it is also the print quality that holds immense importance in business cards. When we talk about print quality, we mean everything from paper strength, selection of colors, ink, and graphics choice. Moreover, we also offer gloss finishing on our products. Not only this but our cards come with UV spot finishing, foil stamping and many such methods to help your business card achieve a professional look.


Hot Print USA Product Line and Services:

Hot Print USA is the well-renowned business card provider. From small businesses to larger firms and large organizations, we have our customers everywhere. Due to an extensive range of templates, unique designs, quick turnaround time, and highly affordable pricing, our products are popular all over the US.

However, cheap business cards aren’t the only products in which they specialize. There is a variety of items which are exclusively designed by Hot Prints USA. These products include:

  • Flyers
  • Color Copies
  • Catalogs
  • Bookmarks
  • Brochures

And many more!

What makes “Hot Print USA” different and unique?

When it comes to business, we all need the best. There are absolutely no chances of errors in businesses. Even when it comes to business cards, the number one factor is a professional look and quality graphics. To help all the sophisticated companies out there, Hot Print USA offers the following unique and exclusive features:

  • Affordable: Business cards shouldn’t be costly. When it comes to ordering the best business cards, affordability is the key. There aren’t many business card printing companies which provide affordable business cards while still maintaining the quality. Hot Print USA fulfills this requirement as it offers the most affordable and quality business cards in town.


  • Quality: After the cost, comes the quality. Quality isn’t a requirement only in cheap business cards in any product. However, when it comes to business, there is plenty of profit and loss associated. Moreover, the best way to represent in front of the whole world is through a business card. This aspect is also taken care of by Hot Print USA. It is one of those companies who provide the most professional looking card using high-quality materials. Thus, it reflects the right impression of your brand and business to potential clients.


  • Efficiency: The speed and efficiency matter a lot is any business process. The fast and speedy services of Hot Print USA understand it, and that is why we provide a highly quick turnaround time to fulfill your needs.


  • Templates: To make things easier for the business owners, Hot Print USA provides an extensive range of predesigned templates. You can choose from these fantastic options to get the most professional looking and high-quality business cards.


  • Material: Hot Print USA isn’t only about the design and efficiency, but it is also about longevity and durability. Our products are highly durable and long-lasting. We are the makers of top-quality business cards through paper stocks as well as foil printing. The heavier paper stock materials are proof of our quality and endurance.


Where to find Hot Print USA

Find us online on You can reach out to us anytime. We offer a great combination of reasonable products to make your business stand out of the crowd. You can also navigate through our website to get our contact information.

Some Tips on why use a business card?


  1. To increase the credibility of a business

The first aspect that a person considers before buying the services of an unfamiliar company is to verify the authenticity of that particular company. And for that, they look for reliable details such as the company’s name, their services, location, and contact. Under such a scenario, probably the best and most professional way to introduce your business is by providing a business card. Stopping by the road to verbally explain all and taking a great deal of time of both yourself and customer might not be the most suitable method.

A well-made professional business card can instantly enhance the credibility of your business. It let others know that you mean business and are serious about it. Moreover, cheap business cards will shape your services in a beautiful, professional-looking piece of card that will let others know all about in you in seconds. Not to forget, they raise awareness about your business.

  1. For awareness through creativity

A business card is a more professional yet most creative way of offering your services. At a glance, it always looks more attractive to the general audience and even professionals.

For instance, a person leaves you with only his number to contact versus he hands out a professional-looking business card stating your name, contact, location, and services details. Consider another one, you meet someone, and he hurriedly keeps looking for a pen and paper to write down; meanwhile, another person hands out a business card. Under such circumstances, with whom would you prefer to work with? The answer is pretty much evident. A business card always reflects the professionalism of its holder where you might leave, but your company stays with them.

Awareness and branding is a significant aspect to consider for business growth. People are more likely to buy your services or products when they are aware of it. Furthermore, there is a good chance that they might share it with others as well that works in your favor again.


  1. To develop a personal connection

It is no wonder that modern digital sources have made it amply easier for everyone to exchange information and develop relationships much faster. However, a significant drawback that this trend holds in that it lacks mutual trust-building process, which is one of the main elements of a successful business. With the advent of online commerce, we have seen numerous online scams and frauds, resulting in the loss of millions. Therefore, without complete confidence, one might never be convinced of the legitimacy of a particular company. Trust is why establishing a personal connection with the stakeholders, clients, and customers are relatively significant.

Under such circumstances, what’s a better way than to have a handshake, a smile and to hand out a business card? It is a great way to develop personal connections while allowing you and others to get to know more about one another. A small talk with eye contact and mutual commitment goes to the favor of everybody.

  1. To ensure cost-effectiveness

Using a business card is a low-cost yet highly beneficial marketing strategy that ensures effective use of your funds. Unlike digital channels, you don’t have to pay for all the advertisement, email marketing, or media outlets to promote your business. Moreover, cheap business cards also don’t need to be charged or have a constant internet connection to operate. Also, there is still a considerable amount of audience that discourages the use of mobile phones for professional purposes and wants to preserve their privacy.

So, for all the above factors and people, cheap business cards offer an economical and effective method that meets all the necessities. Business cards are affordable, portable, and convenient to use.

  1. To stimulate your networking

Business owners are well-aware of a marketing strategy that requires building an association with professional contacts.  Among many ways to do so include emails, telephone calls, face-to-face conversation, and some other digital means. However, research by Forbes Insights finds that 85% of the audience prefers face-to-face interaction to develop more meaningful relations.

Face to Face interactions purpose is to provide an efficient working environment for everyone in the professional network. Thus, due to close interaction opportunities, cheap business cards can be significantly proved beneficial for you. It will let the interested people contact you more often and hence gradually you’ll notice considerable growth in your business and other opportunities.

Why should you choose Hot Print USA?

Are you looking for an affordable option for your business card?

Do you need urgent deliveries?

Do you want a high-quality product with fantastic graphics?

If YES, then you don’t need any other reason not to choose Hot Print USA for getting your next business card.

Hot Print USA understands the priorities of many users like you. Looking for an affordable option, and high-quality print is the right of every customer. That is why we provide the products just according to the expectations of our customers. Moreover, while choosing a business card printing service, you aren’t only choosing a retailer. Instead, you are choosing a relationship, support, and a reliable source which understands your needs and demands.

Not only these but there are many other reasons why you should choose Hot Print USA.

  • We have got an easy-to-use interface. You don’t need to be a tech person.
  • We provide you location convenience. You don’t need to move around in search of a business card printing company anymore.
  • We ship from many different states in the USA. You can visit the website and find the Contact Us section to know more about us.
  • You can get in touch with us 24 x 7. Our customer care team is here to assist you.


Designing a business card with Hot Print USA

A sound business card needs to be crafted carefully and elegantly while keeping in view several necessary aspects such as appearance, professionalism, and attractiveness. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to design it all by yourself. Several companies will help you achieve your goal of developing a perfect cheap business card for your brand. Hot print USA is among the top printing companies as it provides its customers with high-end business cards on demands at a reasonably affordable price. While taking into consideration the requirements set by the customer. Below we have stated a general method of how Hot print USA designs the cheap business cards for their valuable customers

  1. An overview

Although it is pretty apparent yet worth illustrating that a business card is a small-sized. A printed piece of paper that holds essential information such as business details, name, contact, brand logo, and location. It is a vital part of your company necessary for marketing and branding purpose.

The upcoming steps shall guide you on the process of designing a business card.

  1. Getting started with basics

Whether you are business personnel, freelancer, or part of some organization, you need to decide on two crucial design features before beginning. The two components are the logo and color scheme. These two are the most vital aspects to consider branding and will play a significant role in creating your business card.

A logo is a trademark or symbol for a particular agency, while scheme color is the primary color for the logo and main layout of a company’s advertisement.

  1. Know your requirements

To start with, you need to be clear of your objective. Keep in mind the kind of card you are seeking to create. Whether it is for a company our only for oneself? What information you want to propagate through it and what you plan to achieve by it? After answering these entire questions, hopefully, you’ll already have an ample idea about the business card you are looking for and the map will reflect your branding. Allow Hot print USA to take over from there as they’ll transform your imagination to reality with their creative and talented team.

  1. Choosing shape and size

Your first decision needs to be the shape and design of the card. The most common shape in this regard is the traditional rectangular shaped card. Apart from that, via die-cutting, you can cut out any way you prefer. Business Cards Die-Cutting will allow you to display your creativity and design and specially shaped business card that may help in making an impression.

The size of the card depends upon the standard used in your country. However, the regular size commonly used worldwide is 3.5 x 2-inches.

  1. Adding logo and graphics

Starting with the most prominent visual component of your card, we need first to design the logo. Commonly the logo constitutes the center of the card where secondary graphics work to enhance its outlook. However, if you have a better idea, then don’t hesitate to experiment it. The experts from Hot print USA will be there to assist you in forming the perfect logo for your brand.

To make the card more vibrant and eye-catching, you can add additional graphics as well. For this, you can target the blank spaces left on the card. However, we need to keep in mind that commonly, business card follows a minimalist design.

  1. Adding texts

The most basic function of an economical business card is to provide the reader with details such as the brand’s name, contact, location, or services. If the card is only for you, then you can add information like your name, job title, phone number, email, and address. Try to add only the relevant information. Avoid repeating yourself. Make sure its all updated information and then distributing it again.

Customer Reviews

I placed an order for my business card a couple of weeks back. Then was delighted to see the design as the cards looked great. I design the exact copy of what I wanted. I loved the customer service of “Hot prints the USA.” They provided me an amazing and friendly experience, and I would love to come back anytime in the future. Moreover, their website is easy to navigate, which saved me time and provided me the results I wanted.

Jimmy Trek

Hot prints the USA has made things easier for me. Why I am submitting a review over here right now is to appreciate the quality of service and customer service of this amazing company. Right after I placed my order, I realized that I forgot to tell them the right name of the company I wanted to print on the cheap business card. Then called them immediately in the middle of the night, and they picked up my call and solved my issue. That’s the thing about this company. They are available for you 24/7, and they have got your back.


I am a regular customer of “Hot prints the USA,” and I had ordered more than six cheap business cards from them. Moreover, I had also ordered a few flyers and catalogs for my automation company from them. Loved the quality of work, details, and efforts they put in customizing the products just according to the needs of the customer. Must say that they are one of the most trustworthy and affordable business cards retailers in the USA. I appreciate the quality of support they provide, as well. Cheers to their services!

Anna Selina

I have tried many business card printing services over the past years, but there are only a few I trust. Hot Print USA is one of them. They are the excellent creators of business cards. Their material and design both are remarkable in quality. I love the professional and fresh look on my cards.

Moreover, the thing I love the most about them is the plenty of templates they provide to choose from. Plus, their customer service is always there to entertain my queries and provide the support I want. They are highly responsive, and their shipping rates are also reasonable. I would highly recommend Hot Print USA to anyone who is looking for the most elegant quality business cards, catalogs, and flyers.


The best card creators in town! They are speedy and efficient and offer excellent services. Their print quality is also good, especially if we consider the time of production. I am happy with the quality business cards they provide. Furthermore, their templates are also fantastic, and there are plenty of options to choose from. I would love to come back and purchase more from them in the future as well.


Business cards are one of the most tangible and vital representations of your business and brand. It is the first thing a client will notice after a meetup. It is a valuable networking tool which can grow your business sales and promote your brand on expos and events. While everything around us is transforming into a digital world these days, low-cost business cards are still a profitable way to make your business stand out. You don’t want your card tossed and rotten into a heap, do you?

It is crucial to research for the best provider of business card in the market who can not only produce high-quality business cards but also deliver them efficiently. That is why Hot Print USA is the ultimate choice and priority of many big businesses and brands.

Are you still worried? You can relax because we don’t!