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The love for affordable Holiday Card Printing and Mailing Services

No matter what year it is, the love Holiday Card Printing and Mailing Services will always be with us. Welcome to the 21st century of technology and social advances where there is no longer the need to buy old-school pre-printed and generic holiday postcards at a local store for your friends. Do you imagine a friend of yours receiving the same design postcard sent by two different friends? It should be a very awful experience. For this situation, the custom holiday postcards printing and mailing was created a long ago and its time for all of us to use it.

Custom made Holiday Card Printing and Mailing Services

Open your mind for what’s coming, be fresh, be clean, be online! The way this is going to work is convincing the world that there are new ways to sympathize during Holiday seasons. Remember that during holiday times, there is very little time to run errands. Buy toys, presents, take care of the family and even for a phone call. So walking to a store, buying some postcards, taken them home to write a beautiful hand-printed message on it. Then walk to your local USPS to buy stamps and mail the postcards. This definitely is part of the past.


There is a new way for pickier and a bit more selective public in the born right now. The whole purpose of this article is to inform the public of many new ways to get customized and beautiful made postcards printed and mailed without so much hassle. In the modern era, you may still do the holiday postcards yourself or just have someone else do it for you, we will talk about both ways.

Create and Mail Your Custom Holiday Postcards Yourself

For the standard household with absolutely no knowledge of Photoshop or any other design tool. Creating a custom holiday postcard for printing and mailing could be a challenge until you reach this article. Here we will present to you some online tools that will make the creativity and building part of the postcard design, a breeze!

shutterfly-holiday-cards-printingDuring the holidays, if you are an active social person with a few friends and feel the need to greet them with some nice postcards, Shutterfly will get it done for you really easy, beautiful and fast. Thousands of pre-designed template are available for you at the website ready to modify with your personal touch or message if required. This site will also make it available to you for printing and then if you request the service, mailing too.

No design experience is required to use this online application or to design a brand new holiday postcard. The platform is very intuitive and you will get to love it. So, you have an online tool that will design, print, mail your custom holiday postcard to your friends all in place. Accessible from home, became quickly our top choice for a recommendation for this article.

The Art of Holiday Postcards Print & Mailing, Simplified!

Holiday Card Printing and Mailing Services
Holiday Card Printing and Mailing Services

There are so many pre-built templates, all sort of colors, background, cliparts, shapes, you won’t right away decide which one will be your selection as they are all so tentative and good looking for your custom design. Over 800 pre-built templates are also available with in-built graphics and generic text within the design to make it a lot easier for you.

We always recommend the option to upload a custom image or photo. This will help a lot to distinguish this postcard for regular old-school store postcards with generic photos in them. Once you upload a family picture to your postcard, you are already in the next level of customization and personalization.

Note that this website also has an app ready for you to download and use. Sometimes your best family photos are inside your cellphone and it might just be quicker to create the holiday postcard right out of your phone.

How Will Be Mailing Handled for these Holiday Cards?

If you decided to use the application mentioned above. Let me tell you they have an in-built app to allow you full control on the contacts that will receive the flyers. You may add every contact manually or you can upload a list of contacts. Options available to straight out of your Gmail account, cellphone contact list or any other contact list provider.

Custom Holiday Card Printing and Mailing Services for Companies and Big Organizations

cheap-greeting-cards-printing-55printingWe call this “The Hard Way”, but for some big companies or organizations. Hiring a printing company to take care of the process, could be the best choice. Another huge advantage for contacting a local or online printing company.  When you place the order, cost per unit gets reduced a lot when you order holiday greeting cards in bulk.

At Hot Prints USA we do print personalized holiday greeting cards in bulk, for the fate of research. We will mention another printer provider related to us called that currently leads the printing industry. With the best prices and printing turnaround available worldwide.

55printing is not only really good for printing greeting cards. Also any other type of products, even color copies will be printed and shipped within 1 business day if solicited. With so much experience and a state-0f-the-art in-built postcard designer. You can achieve a good looking holiday card within minutes of trying even with no previous experience. If further help is needed, they have an online chat system available to talk to customer support while you build your design or project.

Will Take Care of the Whole Printing & Mailing process?

Prices being so cheap and low, 55printing will only take care of the print, pack, and ship to customer location. Customer will be entitled to buy stamps and get them into their local USPS for mailing.