EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL by the U.S. Postal Service

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service offered by the USPS designed to help small businesses market themselves to their local community. You don't need specific names or addresses; you just need to know the zip code of any neighborhoods you want to contact. It's an affordable way to expand a company's reach.

This is a great service to offer your clients that are looking for a local marketing campaign.

We offer Postcard sizes that meet EDDM specifications. When you want to place an order for EDDM, take a look at the "Size" dropdown menu. The 4-Color Offset Postcards that meet USPS requirements are clearly marked. Simply order the Postcards and take them to the neighborhood post office for mailing.

The USPS offers solutions for businesses of all sizes and marketing goals. Many smaller businesses prefer to market locally; they can use EDDM to target specific neighborhoods they may be familiar with. For example, a local pizza restaurant may target a 5 mile radius near college areas while a law firm targets downtown or areas with a lot of office buildings.

Getting started with EDDM for the first time is a bit complicated, so we highly recommend reading all the details and downloading the information that the USPS offers on their website. EDDM is a great option if you plan on sending mailings more than 4 times a year because once you get it set up and you are familiar with the process, it can save money. However, if you plan to send mailings out a couple times a year, it's likely a smarter option to use direct mail since we handle everything for you.

Not every post office participates in EDDM, so be sure to contact the post office you plan on using prior to ordering.

For more details about EDDM, click here to visit the USPS site.


Most Important: $0.16 Postage and No Mailing List Needed!

1. Download any of our pre-designed templates or Design your postcard on any of the EDDM eligible sizes (6.5" x 9", 6.5" x 12", 8" x 10", 8.5" x 11", 9" x 11", 9" x 12")

2. Make sure you add the EDDM indicia and the Local Postal Customer logos (download here: EDDM indicia - Local Postal Customer). If you need help adding these images to your design, we may add them for you at no additional cost upon request only! To request the free indicia inclusion please leave a 2" x 3" minimum space on the upper right corner on the back side of your postcard design. Return address is not required by the USPS, you may still add it next on the upper left corner on the back side of your postcard design.

3. Place an order at your proffered printer, Bundle service is being offered by many printers for this particular product, as the USPS requires the postcard to be bundled in packs of 50's, this is an extra step that the printer can either do it for you (most of the time for an additional cost) or you may do it yourself. Facing Slip form on PDF format for bundling, available for download here: EDDM bundle facing slip design.

4. Once the customer receive the postcards and they are ready to be taken to your local USPS store, postage fees varies from $0.16 to $0.19. No registration fees apply for the Every Door Direct Mail service.



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Hot Print USA postcards printing is now eligible with the USPS economic program called EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™) which simplifies the mailing efforts of marketers all over United States.

Market to every address without needing the addresses! EDDM™ from the US Postal Service lets you reach every address in a neighborhood without needing names or street addresses. This helps your business save the cost of renting a mailing list and printing specific addresses on your mail pieces. Try It Today!

Learn more at USPS.com





(Every Door Direct Mail™) EDDM™ Printing & Postcards

Planning on using the most popular and economic way to reach customers by mail now a days? EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™) has come to revolutionize the marketing world by giving customers the opportunity to spend way less money on their campaings.

EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™)™ is a new service offered by the USPS (United States Postal Servce) to reduce mailing campaign costs. Limited sizes and templates for the postcards are required to qualify. Hot Prints USA will ensure that your design complies with USPS guidelines before we start printing.

Effective May 7, 2012, the Postal Service™ has expanded the physical standards for flats and options for simplified addressing that can be used with Every Door Direct Mail™.  For details, refer to the following sections of the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®).

(More EDDM™ printing information Coming Soon!)

Section 301.1.1: "General Definition of Flat Size Mail" ›

Section 602.3.2: "Simplified Address" ›

* Only available on 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000. If you need a bigger quantity, you may double your order quantity or contact us for a custom quote at 866.801.1551

* Folded EDDM postcards (mostly 11" x 17") not available at the moment.




Hot Print´s EDDM™ printing (Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM is a direct mail service, offered by USPS which allows businesses to target specific households even without needing the addresses. This is a very simple program that almost all major business is using all across the US. With the help of EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail™) you will be able to find customers who mater the most.

How EDDM functions is rather simple to understand and use. All you have to do is map out a target area and select a delivery root, prepare your marketing material and that’s it. From this part, the USPS will handle the entire process for you, delivering your flyers, direct mail postcards or other promotional material directly to the mailboxes of potential customers. This way, you will be able to tell to everyone in the neighborhood and wider, what your business has to offer.

There are two different EDDM packages – Every Door Direct Mail Retail and EDDM BMEU. Most of the businesses often chose the first mentioned one, the EDDM Retail because it is very simple and cost effective. With this program, you will be able to send up to 5000 mail pieces (postcards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc) per day. Thanks to EDDM Retail indicia, you will not to have anymore about the postage permit as well. The EDDM Indicia has to contain the next information - PRSRT STD, ECRWSS, U.S. POSTAGE, PAID, EDDM RETAIL

For larger businesses, EDDM BMEU is the best solution. It is normal that larger businesses will send larger mailings (more than 5000 per day), but they will as well require a postage permit. With this program, you as well don’t need to have addresses or names on each mail piece, and is the best option for announcing events, sales, openings and similar.

EDDM can make your marketing efforts successful and efficient. Any type of mailing that you want to send out will get into the homes of potential customers. The best thing is that you can announce anything you want. You can make your announcement as short as you want or as long as you want, there are no restrictions. And you can as well include coupons, store maps and many other useful marketing tools and information that can be of use to your potential clients.

The most important thing of the entire process is to find a reliable print store that will be able to carry out the process for you. A good print store will also get your mailings to the Postal Service in your name and make this marketing strategy simpler for you.

Some parties consider Every Door Direct Mail as bulk mail. But the truth is that it is more than that. It has a lot of similarity with direct marketing solutions, but is has a very low mailing cost. The main difference between EDDM and direct marketing is that EDDM doesn’t require any preparing of mailing lists. While when using services of direct marketing, you literary need to have correct names and addresses of clients where you want your advertising material to be sent, EDDM makes the entire process much simpler as you don’t need to know any details of people who you are trying to gain upon your promotions.

The first step towards participating in this mailing program is the EDDM printing that has to be done at some print store. Hot Print is an online print store that offers services of making any size of mailing for your needs, in quantities of 1000, 2500 and 5000 mail pieces. Of course, you can order more items, but in that case you will have to double your order quantity or contact Hot Prints for a custom quote at 866.801.1551

As said earlier, you will able to opt between different sizes of mailing pieces. The available mail pieces can be ordered in 6.5 x 9 inches, 6.5 x 12 inches, 8 x 10 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches, 9 x 11 inches and 9 x 12 inches. Hot Prints offers a service of front and back printing which can be black and white or color. A standard turnaround time that we offer is 4 to 6 business days, but if you are in rush we can serve you as well with a next day printing service. As for the paper stock, you will be able to opt between a 14pt gloss coated cover UV and 14pt premium uncoated cover (Thickness of 14pt paper is translated like this: 14 pt = 0.014 in = 0.356 mm).

There are different types of EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail™) print, which will depend on the marketing strategy you are trying to run. You can send out flyers, postcards, catalogs, brochures and similar. EDDM gives you a complete freedom when designing what you think would be the best solution for your advertising. The truth is that EDDM is actually a big partnership between USPS, small and large businesses and EDDM print companies.

EDDM print is normally very easily accepted by people. But, in order to make it really attractive, you need to make sure that your mail pieces are properly designed and designed in the way that they positively attract your potential customers. One thing that can surely catch the attention of any client is a very strong message that should be easily read, understood and remembered. Try to make your text message sound personal but professional at the same time. The most important Every Door Direct marketing tips are to keep it simple yet very modern, informative and professional. This is why any EDDM mail piece can win over any mail piece sent out by direct marketing sources. Direct marketing mails are usually focused on emails that are normally sent to addresses of potential clients. These mails are very often recognized as spam, so people open then very rarely. Especially if they see that the mail has been sent by some company, it is not very often that people will be interested in opening it. You will have to agree that printed advertisements are always more attractive than email marketing because they seem more personal.

Even though it’s hard to believe, Every Door Direct mailing is more advanced than TV commercials as well. Why? Simply because TV commercials are interesting in the moment we are looking at them, but later it is hard that someone will remember of the name of the company or phone number or any other contact. But when your potential client receives a mail piece with all the important information, it is more likely that will leave it over the table, or save it in the wallet or similar.

Before you start printing your promotional material, you need to be informed a little bit more about the three common EDDM mailer sizes - 6.25 x11 inches, 8.5 x11 inches, and 11 x17 inches. no matter for which size you opt, the truth is that EDDM printers will be able to reach out to thousands of new clients from which at least a couple of hundreds of them will hopefully become your clients. Even though you can choose between flyers, catalogs, brochures, etc, the most popular type of advertising tool is an EDDM postcard and a direct mail flyer.

Before you start using this marketing program, you need to know that USPS has set basic EDDM requirements that will need to be met so that they program functions properly. For example, there are rules about mail piece size, about how many mailers you can send per day depending on the program you are using, about how your mail piece should look, and many others.

For example, when it comes to sizes, there are specific EDDM charts that explain how one mail piece shouldn’t be smaller than 11 inches in length and also shouldn’t be smaller than 6 1/8 in width. These are all the rules that EDDM print companies are familiar with, including Hot Prints, so you shouldn’t have any problems when placing your orders on our web site.

As for the numbers of mail pieces that can be sent per day, the EDDM retail USPS program says that it is available just for Regular Standard Mail Flat size pieces. Also, to participate in this program, you will have to send a minimum of 200 mail pieces to households of your potential clients, but the maximum number of delivered mail pieces shouldn’t be bigger than 5000.

Postal service rates have been set by USPS as well, and the official post office EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) rate is 14.2 cents per mail piece. So, this means that to send 1000 mail pieces to potential customers, you will not pay more than $142 and at the same time you will introduce your services and products to 1000 new clients.

Not needing the direct marketing list, EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail™) itself can have some advantages and disadvantages. Even though it makes it much easier not needing the specific names and addresses of potential clients, having one actually makes it much easier for you to organize all the important info about potential clients. Direct marketing lists can be bought in case that you don’t have the time to create one yourself.

The USPS direct mailing program, even though its excellent for small businesses, can have a lot of advantages for large businesses as well. You can promote your business within your neighborhood, or rater a zip code or entire city. It will all depend on the type of the business you are running and results you are expecting to reach. This is why the USPS Every Door Direct Mail system can be used by restaurants, lawyers, doctors, dry cleaners services, Laundromats, churches, schools, cafes, etc.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that the EDDM direct mail program started in the beginning of 2011, and until today is one of the most successful and more used marketing programs so far.


Generate Leads with Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail is a marketing service for small businesses from the US Postal Services. It helps entrepreneurs expand their business by sending out offers of direct mail to potential clients without requiring ink jetting, tabbing or mailing lists. The expenses are also low. This service can be effectively used for promoting your business in a local neighborhood, thus increasing the amount of leads, sales as well as revenues that are generated by your business. EDDM as a program is different from others as it is economical and simplifies the process of direct mailing. It allows you to target the local market and target your audiences conveniently at reduced rates than before.

EDDM can be used to deliver direct mails and advertising materials like flyers, brochures, postcards and restaurant menus to certain particular local neighborhoods which are also called postal carrier routes. This service is one which does not require customers to purchase addresses or pay for printing their addresses or names on advertising materials. The USPS Letter Carrier puts a single offer on all mailboxes within the targeted locations which is economical for a small business owner and provides them with a cost efficient means for reaching out to a target audience.

How does Every Door Direct Mail Work?

Select a Target Location: The best way to get started with an Every Door Direct Mail campaign is to look for an online direct mail printing company which has an online "point and click" targeting mechanism. This helps you enter the business address and zip code to show a map of your region. The map displays the postal routes or neighborhoods around your business that can be simply pointed and clicked to choose your area of distribution. The process is too simple.

Get Counts: After choosing your targeted area, you receive an immediate counting on the number of business or households that you have targeted. With this number, you learn how many flyers that is required for ordering.

Create your Flyer Design: If you choose a reputed Every Door Direct Mail company, they will offer you with professional designing services along with your mailing campaign order. After placing your order for direct mails, you will receive a phone call from your graphic designer within a couple of business days. The designer asks you basic questions about your requirements, coupons, and logos and helps you get started. All you need to do now is wait to receive your first proof through email and work with the designer on any of the small changes that might be required.

Approve the Order to Get Started

Once the design is approved, the flyer printing company produces your mailers and sends them to the USPS for being distributed. Make sure you prepare additional sales and order volume before time. In most cases, mailing through Every Door Direct Mail is effective for making you ready for receiving the orders in your home. By working with a turnkey Every Door Direct Mail service provider, you can achieve a lot of things.


Hot Print´s EDDM postcard printing FAQ´s

What is Every Door Direct Mail? It is a new program by the USPS, created especially for making your marketing strategies simpler and easier, as for 14.2 cents per mail piece you will be able to promote your services products and your business to new clients.

How USPS sends out my mail pieces? Based on the mail routes of your choice, the mail pieces will be delivered to desired households or even other business addresses.

Can I exclude business addresses from mailing routes? Yes, but this will be possible only if change your endorsement to "Local Residential Customer" on your mail pieces as this way the postman that is delivering your promotional material will know that you want to exclude business addresses.

Where can I find the mailing routes? The mailing routes can be found on the web site of USPS. You will be able to browse and target specific zip codes, addresses or entire cities.

How many mail pieces can I send by day? You can send minimum of 200 mail pieces and maximum 5000 mail pieces if you are running a small business. Larger businesses can send more than 5000 mail pieces but they need to have a mail permit.

Do I need to include a return address next to the EDDM postal information (Indicia)?
It is not a requirement by the USPS, but you may always add it on the upper left corner of the back side file of the design.

What is EDDM Retail? This program is created for business that will not send more than 5000 mail pieces per day. It is a very convenient process of initiating a specific geo targeted marketing campaign. It is very similar to direct marketing but simpler and more accepted by people.

What is EDDM - BMEU? This program is created for businesses that will send more than 5000 mail pieces per day. It requires a mail permit.

Can my business benefit from EDDM? Any type of business can benefit from using this program. It all depends on the ay how you will represent your company, but some of the businesses that find themselves through this marketing strategy are restaurants, churches, spas, hair salons, auto repair companies, etc.

Is EDDM really effective? Yes, based on some researches, in the last year, more than 85% of clients have been satisfied with the mentioned program.

Do I need USPS permits to participate in the EDDM Retail program? No, this program doesn’t require any annual fees or permits. The registration is free, and after the completion of the registration you will receive a Mailer ID.

Does EDDM require mailing lists? No, you don’t need to have names and addresses of people you are trying to target as your potential customers. This program uses an address of postal customer which is obtained after choosing the right mail route. You can target your neighborhood, entire zip code, or even a city.

Are there postage rates for the EDDM Retail? Yes, there is a very simple rate of 14.2 cents per mail piece. The postage rate is paid directly on the local retail Post Office at the time of depositing your mail pieces.

How do I know which areas should I target with my advertising material? This is rater a marketing question and depends on various factors. The first step is always targeting your neighborhood in case that your business can profit from such kind of strategy.

After I deliver my mail pieces to some of the UPSPS offices, how long it will take for them to distribute my mail pieces? Your mail pieces will be distributed in the next business day.

Can I create different mail pieces? The basic EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail™) rules say that each mail piece should satisfy the basic Saturation Standard Mail size requirements. The sizes are already predefined, and you can find an EDDM chart on the web site of USPS. However, you can create postcards, flyers, catalogs, brochures and anything you want as long as it satisfies the basic size requirements for each mail piece.

What sizes of EDDM postcards does Hot Print offer? The available EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail™) eligible postcard sizes are as follows:

6.5 x 9 inches

6.5 x 12 inches

8 x 10 inches

8.5 x 11 inches

9 x 11 inches

9 x 12 inches

In which quantities I can order EDDM postcards on your web site? We allow orders of 1000, 2500 and 5000 mail pieces. For bigger quantities, you can contact us or rather double your order quantity.

What is the price of each EDDM mail piece? You will be able to see the final cost of your order once you know all the specific requirements such as size, color, quantity, paper stock, etc.

How long does it take to have my prints done? From the moment when your design has been approved, your prints will be done within 4 to 6 business days. For clients that are in a need of fast work, we also have a next day printing service.

Will I get a design proof before the order is released to print? Yes, you can opt for a design proof which is free, and will be sent to your email.

Which paper stock do you offer for the EDDM postcard prints? There are two different paper qualities for the EDDM postcards - 14pt gloss coated cover UV and 14pt premium uncoated cover.

Do you have free EDDM postcard templates? At the moment we are working on creating some of the most attractive postcard templates which will be soon available to our clients. You can upload your own design files for now, which you want to appear as a background of your promotional material.

What are the response rates when using the EDDM? There are no ways to predict how the response rate towards your marketing campaign will be, but what we can tell is that everything will depend on the offers you make, the way you present your company, by the local competition, by the area you are targeting, by the local economic factors, etc.

Is it OK if I print my postcards on a home printer? If you want your promotional material to be done in the most representative way, it is better to leave this part to professionals. Also, toners/cartridges are very expensive, as well as the paper stock that you will have to invest into. Looking on the long run, it is definitely not payable printing your own EDDM postcards on home printers.

What are the payment terms after I place my order? Payment should be made before your order is sent to press. Payment can be made via Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discovery.

Do you have a return/refund policy? Any non satisfying job that was our error will be reprinted. We are not responsible for errors done by our clients including misspelling, misleading and similar. In those cases the entire reprints will be charged fully.





All you needed to know about the EDDM program

EDDM is a very simple and easy program that is able to simplify the mailing efforts of many marketers all over the US. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail and the best thing is that you don’t even need addresses. A fact is that the USPS (United States Postal Service) allows you to reach anyone’s home in a neighborhood without necessary street addresses or names. This way, your business can save a lot of money from printing specific names and addresses to mail pieces (postcards, catalogues, brochures, etc), and can at the same time gain a lot of new customers.

EDDM however is considered as bulk mail. It has a low mailing cost. The entire EDDM program starts with EDDM printing, and ends with mailing process that is fast and easy as there is no need for preparing mailing lists. EDDM program is in fact a giant partnership between small business entrepreneurs, the United States Postal Services and companies engaged in the EDDM printing business.

Any kind or any type of EDDM print can be sent via priority mail as well. Different types of EDDM print are postcards, postcards, catalogues, brochures, etc. Once this promotional material reaches your new potential customers, this will increase your chances to profit.

EDDM print is easily accepted by people. However, you need to make sure that your EDDM print is also attractive and nicely designed and only that way it will be able to catch the attention of new customers. A good EDDM print should have a very easy but at the same time strong message that people will be able to remember. Printed advertisement is much better than email marketing because it is more personal. People usually don’t even emails that they receive from different companies as these mails are normally recognized as spam. Also, TV and radio commercials can be fun in the moment when someone is listening to them but after a few time, they are forgotten. Because of this, it is easy to come to a conclusion that what is one a paper has a bigger chance to be remembered at least for a while.

Before printing your EDDM mailer, you will have to choose about its size. There are actually three common EDDM mailer sizes which are: 6.25 inches x11 inches, 8.5 inches x11 inches, and 11 inches x17 inches. when printing in some print company, the mailers will be already available in different colors. It is very important to include nice and vibrant colors on the EDDM mailer as it will look more attractive to the customer and it will be easier to spot it among many other mails. The best thing is always going with a bigger EDDM mailer as it will catch more the attention of the potential customer and  more information can fit on such mail piece. The truth is that very small mail pieces usually go unnoticed, and for sure this is something you don’t want to happen to your promotional material. Normally, a good EDDM mailer should be made of a thicker paper stock than regular copy paper.

EDDM printers are a new marketing solution and they can come in a shape of a promotional postcard, catalog, brochure, newsletter and similar. No matter for which EDDM printers you opt, you can be sure that your message will reach thousands of new customers in a very short period of time. There are many ways in which one can represent its promotional advertisement, but the most used type is EDDM postcard.

There are some EDDM requirements that you need to be aware of. These EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail™) requirements have been set by USPS and need to be met, so that the program can function properly. According to the basic EDDM requirements, there are specific mail piece sizes, there are rules about how many mail pieces you can deliver per day, requirements about how one mail piece should look, etc.

There are EDDM charts for different sizes of mail pieces and they need to be bigger than 11 inches in length, bigger than 6 1/8 inches in width and thicker than ¼ inches. This means that according to EDDM charts, the smallest mail pieces should have the dimensions of 11 x 6 1/8 x ¼ inches. From the other side, you can easily check out the maximum mail piece size according to EDDM charts which is 12 by 15 inches.

There are different types of postcards that can be used for this marketing strategy but the largest postcard size that can be used is 8.5 x 11 inches. These postcards are used for informational purposes. It can be used the same was as a postcards - to present a company's products and offerings. You can use a postcard as well if you only want to send to your potential clients the information about the company’s business. Even if you don’t have any special deals and offers, letting your customers know that you exist is the first step towards having new clients. However, a postcard of this size will let you include coupons, or any other type of discounts which most of the people will very happily accept.

You can as well use smaller postcards of size 6.25 x 9 inches or 4.25 x 11 inches to present only one big offer. When presenting only one big offer there is no need for a larger postcard or a postcards because usually you will not have a lot to say here, so it is the best idea keeping the content and the information straight to the point. You can as well use these smaller postcard for announcing events, grand opening, etc.

The basic EDDM Retail USPS program requirements are – EDDM is available only for Regular Standard Mail Flat size pieces, there s a minimum of 200 mail pieces required per day, the maximum mail pieces that can be delivered per day is 5000, and the bundles need to be prepared  in accordance with the USPS mail standards. The post office EDDM rate is 14.2 cents per delivered mail piece. For more information about postal service rates, check out the following link http://pe.usps.com/cpim/ftp/manuals/dmm300/Notice123.pdf

The EDDM indicia is only one of the rules that USPS set for the EDDM program. The indicia contains the following information: PRSRT STD, ECRWSS, U.S. POSTAGE, PAID, EDDM RETAIL.

The EDDM program works the same way as direct marketing but without the need of direct marketing list. The truth is that with this marketing strategy, it is the US post office that is delivering your mail pieces for you on the mailing routes you chose. This way you don’t have to pay for mailing lists and don’t need to worry about updating them as everything is being done through chosen carrier routes. After you have your mail pieces printed, you just need to deliver them to the post office that has the same zip code as the market you are targeting.

Direct mail is a kind of marketing strategy that requires direct marketing lists. To start your own direct marketing campaign you just need to have an internet connection and a PC. One of the most important things in direct marketing is creating direct marketing lists that can help a lot in managing and organizing all the necessary information of potential new customers. Creating and managing direct marketing lists is not a big problem. However you can as well opt for buying already done and prepared marketing list from companies that handle this kind of information.

Direct marketing is a very good marketing strategy which means that you as a businessman are offering a certain product directly to the customer. There are different kinds of direct marketing solutions – email marketing, direct mail marketing, telemarketing, etc. Form all of the mentioned types there is one more, called EDDM. This marketing strategy is very similar to the already mentioned ones, with one difference – it doesn’t require a mailing list. There are three direct marketing tips in the overall process which are – mailing list, targeting and market research.

The new USPS Direct Mail Program (Every Door Direct Mail) is the right solution for you especially if you need to attract more new clients. If you want to promote your business within your neighborhood, zip code or city, the Evert Door Direct Mail has the best solution for your marketing campaign. EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail™) is good for small businesses because it is cheap, fast and successful. In case that your business is bigger and requires highly-targeted demographics then you should preferably opt for TV commercials, radio commercials, newspaper ads, billboards or other similar options. Some of the businesses that can profit from enrolling the new USPS Direct Mail Program are: restaurants, car dealerships, contractors, delivery restaurants, takeout restaurants, landscaping, beauty services, health services, dry cleaners, retail stores, doctors, lawyers, etc.

If you are creative enough, thanks to the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program, you will find your customers instead.

Instead of using the Every Door Direct Mail program to promote your business, you can as well use it to announce grand openings, to invite on special events, to send coupons, discounts, etc.

The Every Door Direct Mail strategy is easy to use and any kind of business can benefit from it. You can opt whether you want to create yourself your mail pieces and print them on a house printer and later deliver to the post office, or you can choose that a professional print company prepares your mail pieces from design to printing, and later deliver them directly to the post office from where they will be delivered to the doorsteps of potential customers in the very next day.

Direct Mail postcards  (Every Door Direct Mail) is the most common and mostly used way of reaching to your new potential customers. It doesn’t matter whether your company is big or small, you can use a direct mail postcard to attract new clients. EDDM is actually a proven marketing strategy but it will take your more than a postcard to use this marketing strategy correctly. You will need an amazing direct mail postcard  design to get the attention of a potential client.

When creating a direct mail postcard, makes sure not to rush the project. If you are not sure about how your postcard should look, don’t start the project just for you to say that the campaign has been completed. How one direct mail postcard looks is extremely important in this marketing journey.

A direct mail postcard can be used to find new clients but as well to keep old customers. A good direct marketing campaign is able to raises awareness of your business, your service and products.

The Every Door Direct Mail Retail program is recommended for smaller and inexperienced mailers. You don’t require a mailing permit but you will need to have a CRID – Customer Registration Identification. A mail piece that qualifies for the Every Door Direct Mail Retail program has to be in a rectangular shape with four square corners.

Labeling options for the Every Door Direct Mail Retail mail is very simple. Each mail piece should contain the letters ***ECRWSS*** and then either a postal customer with  a 5 digit zip code, or local plus postal customer or PO box holder  with the state and city and a 5 digit zip code or in the end information of the residential customer with the city, state, and a 5 digit zip code.

The Every Door Direct mailing program started in March of 2011, and was created by USPS to help small and medium companies to promote their businesses, their services and their products.

The truth is that the EDDM direct mail  (Every Door Direct Mail) program has been around since March of 2011. Since that time a lot of businesses used the advantages of this marketing strategy and they have nothing but the best to tell about it. Since the program is still considered to be new, maybe your competition doesn’t even know about it yet, so this gives you advantage by beating them to clients. This won't be like this forever, so it gives you the opportunity to mail now with little competition.

In the end, the EDDM direct mail program is recommended for all businesses for reaching optimal promotional results.






EDDM™ Printing – A Partnership with Giants

When the Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM™) Program was launched by the United States Postal Services, most of the small businesses celebrated the advent of the program that can help them effectively promote their products and services through the mail at minimal costs. The launching also caused celebration among online printers in the country who viewed the program as an  expansion of their market because of the expected increase in the number of businesses that will need printing services once they participate in the program. EDDM™ is actually a type of bulk mail that will benefit the mailer because of its low mailing cost. The program accelerates the printing to mailing process as advertisers use the addresses in established courier routes as mail recipients. This means that there is no need for the local businesses to prepare mailing lists in sending mails to potential customers. The EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™) therefore is a program that forms a virtual partnership among the small business entrepreneurs, the gigantic resources of the United States Postal Services and extremely large number of companies engaged in the printing business.

A Virtual Partnership is Born

Since the EDDM™ program was designed for small businessmen and local retailers, the United States Postal Service has made it easier for them to participate. No registration fees are imposed and in the case of EDDM™ Retail Program, no permits are needed for mail volumes of at least 200 to a maximum of 5,000 mail pieces per day. The mailing cost is pegged at 14.2 cents per piece and must be paid up front with cash, money order or check payable to the Postmaster. The mail pieces must be delivered to the local Post office by the mailer or the printer who handles the EDDM™ printing. Those who need to send out mail volumes in excess of 5,000 pieces per day are required to register with Business Mail Entry Unit and apply for a permit but to make the transactions simpler, one can either visit the local Post Office for the postal requirements or ask the EDDM™ printer to assist him in the process.

For the program to succeed the relationship between the three participants involved must be harmonious at all times. The technical specifications of the printed mail are extensive and rather strenuous to comply with because of the many technicalities imposed by the local postal services which may vary according to locale of the Post Office handling the mail. This is why it is always better for the printer that handles the EDDM™ printing to represent the mailer in transactions involving compliance with postal requirements.

Huge Advantages of EDDM™

For local businessmen, there are lots of advantages in using Every Door Direct Mail™ services than other media forms. The clear advantage is the low cost involved in using direct mail in sending advertising messages to potential customers. One can send the marketing message to all residences and businesses in found in the list of selected postal routes. There is no need to prepare a mailing list of targeted addresses since the postal servicemen will simply deliver to each and every residence or business that is located in the selected carrier route.

This marketing tool is very much better than advertising in newspapers which has a very short life span. A daily newspaper advertisement that is read today will become irrelevant tomorrow because the newspaper becomes history and is of no more use to the reader. Furthermore, the cost of advertising in a newspaper is amazingly high. Advertising in magazines might cost a little lesser than newspaper ads but its publishing frequency is not constant and the advertisement sections are cluttered in tight areas where product messages compete with one another for the readers’ attention. Radios are no longer as popular as they were when MP3 players and satellite radio were not yet in vogue. The cost of radio ads is also high and the best time slots are most likely to be reserved indefinitely by other preferred products.

When it comes to choosing the right marketing tool to employ, advertising by direct mail is still the cheapest and the most effective because it is handy, convenient and much easier to account for than the other media forms available to the businessman. Mail ads are easily transferable and can be shared with others by the person who receives them. They can also be conveniently saved by the recipient especially if they contain claimable discount coupons and special offers. The media form that can compete with direct mail is the email which can also reach a lot of customers and its beneficial results are also measurable. The problem with emails is that they can be subject to deletion by a single push of the delete button and programs like spam blockers can prevent them from reaching the inbox of targeted clients.

The use of EDDM™ as a marketing tool will definitely remain popular because of its low cost and the convenience of using them in effectively promoting products and services.  

Services Offered by the Virtual Partners

The USPS provides a website for EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™) program implementation where participants can register and avail of data freely given by the postal service. Information on the different carrier routes makes the choice of target customers convenient for businessmen and allows them to calculate the projected expenses involved when they use mail service to spread their marketing message. Each carrier route has an average of 300 to 500 addresses so it is easy to calculate how much will be spent in sending mails to the different locations in the neighborhood. Actually, the big companies that wish to send large volumes of mails can target large contiguous areas like cities as marketing targets so there is practically no limit to the coverage of the EDDM™ program should the business utilize its potential to the fullest.

It is advisable for businessmen to focus his attention on the different services that EDDM™ printer offers to improve his business. Different forms of printed materials may be sent through the mail and the advertiser has the option of choosing the right kind of material that is suited to his marketing style. The EDDM™ printer can also be consulted as to the form and design of the materials that mailer decides to print and mail to his potential clients. The local post office imposes its own rules regarding the quality and size of the materials that can be sent through the mail so coordination with the printer on the materials to be printed is an important activity.

It is best to have only one printer handle the EDDM™ needs of one’s business. The client can avail of the different packages that the printer offers for the mailer. In a packaged offer, design templates are usually offered for free and there are cases when the printer’s designers offer two or three designs that the mailer can choose from. If the mailer-customer wants to consult the printer for marketing tips, the service is given free it is packaged with a printing job assigned to the printer. One of the difficult aspects of EDDM™ Printing is the choice of colors to be used in the printed material. The mailer has the option to print both sides of the brochure in full color.

The businessman has also to decide what the kind of paper materials to be used. The format of the material is equally important. Those who want to promote the company and relate the latest developments happening in the corporate structure can use newsletters as direct mail materials. Brochures, pamphlets or flyers are the best choices for those who want promote products and services. Naturally, all the documentation and paper work pertaining to specifications required by the postal service are supposed to be handled by the printer for the convenience of the mailer as part of the EDDM™ printing package.

A Contented Business Community

There are many businesses that have experienced substantial benefits from the EDDM™ Program. Quite notable is those engaged in the practice of the medical profession. Many health practitioners report that because of the mails they sent to different target areas, there has been a substantial increase in the number of patients who are visiting their clinics. Restaurants are also among the satisfied participants in the EDDM™ Program reporting the steady surge of customers who are dining in their establishments after discounts and free deserts were included in the mail sent to potential customers. The implementation of the Every Door Direct Mail™ Program by the United States Postal Service is a complete success since many of its participants have reaped tremendous profits by implementing the program. The USPS has recently reported that 30 billion dollars have been spent by different companies on direct mail advertising across the country in the previous year. Because of this development, it is expected that EDDM™ will continue to be participated in by more businesses specially the local retailers and professional service firms who stand to benefit most from the program.

EDDM™ Printing – Those who Dare Succeed

When online printing came into existence as a standard practice in the business world, it introduced numerous changes in the commercial systems employed by businessmen. The first to take advantage of the benefits offered by online printing were small and medium sized businessmen whose patronage led to the steady expansion of the online printing market and an unprecedented increase in the volume of printing churned out by online printers. Big companies have recently started to patronize online printers and are slowly turning over substantial chunks of their printing needs to these printers.

Commercial documents used for various transactions which may contain sensitive data are printed by the printing departments of big companies but printing materials used for advertising like brochures, flyers, business cards, post cards , sticker and many other related items are better off printed outside company premises by online printers that can be easily contacted through their websites. While many companies have shifted their marketing emphasis to using the internet as the dominant avenue for advertising, many companies have stuck to using properly distributed printed materials as their main weapon in advertising.

The New USPS Program

It is under the progressive conditions brought about by changes in new advances in printing and communications technology that the United States Postal Service introduced the Every Door Direct Mail™ Program (EDDM™). The new service is designed for local businesses and location-based establishments who want to use the mail for marketing their products and services. EDDM™   offers the best way to promote products by mail as it is handled by the biggest and most experienced mail handler in the country. A distinct advantage of EDDM™ is that it is offered at the lowest postage rates and can be sent to known addresses specified in the mail carrier’s established routes.

In the EDDM™ program a local Postal Office is set to handle a minimum of 200 pieces of mail and a maximum of 5,000 pieces of bulk mail per day which makes the program ideal for serving the needs of local retailers and businesses offering professional services. Mailers are required to bring the mail to the local Post Office that will handle the delivery or they can opt to ask a qualified EDDM™ printer to do it for them. There are online printers that handle EDDM™ Printing and they can be easily found in the internet. It is advisable to let the printers handle the paper work needed to gain entry into the EDDM™ program because they can do a much better job. Regitration to the EDDM™ Retail Program is free and there are no annual fees or postage permits required.

Since this is new program, there are apprehensions among businessmen on the effectiveness of using the mail to promote products and services. Those who are experienced in this marketing strategy have no qualms about using mail to advertise products. They admit that the law of percentages works unfavorably against the advertiser when it comes to product promotions done through the mail but they believe that even a small 2 to 3 % positive response is more than enough to compensate for the small amount spent for mailing. With the EDDM™ program, mailing costs have substantially decreased and the only adjustment that advertisers have to do is to make the mail content more efficient in enticing more customers to respond positively.

Encouraging Developments

The best indication of the effectiveness of product promotions through the mail is the fact that more and more businesses are accepting the incitement to try the EDDM™ program. Automotive repair shops are one of the businesses that thrive on this kind of promotional effort, followed by beauty salons and restaurants that distribute their discount coupons through the mail. Those engaged in professional services are slowly realizing the value of the direct mail advertising in promoting their calling to specific sectors of the market that can be reached through the addresses listed in established mail routes.

In using the mail for advertising, some matters need to be settled to make it more effective. The content and design of the printed matter sent through the mail has to be done professionally by experts. The brochure or flyer incorporated into the mail must accomplish the desired function for which it was designed. The best way to achieve this is to avail of the services of the online printing firm that handles the EDDM™ Printing for the mailer. The printer that provides this service to their clients can usually finish the brochure designs in just a few days. With regards to the paper used in printing, the online printer always makes sure that they use the right size and kind of paper that conforms to the requirements established by USPS for the EDDM™ program. The online printer actually offers this extra service at very minimal costs because they know that the successful results achieved by expertly designed promotional mail materials can lead to repeat orders in the future.

More Support From USPS

Aside from the low cost of less than 15 cents per copy of the mail delivered right at the very doorsteps of potential customers, the USPS offers other services to support businessmen who avail of the Every Door Direct Mail™ Program. They make available information on local courier routes so the businessmen can assess the data and choose the right customers to focus on in their promotional drives. The qualified EDDM™ printers are also given access to this information which they can pass on to their mailer clients. The USPS maintains a website that deals with EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail™) matters to guide interested parties participating in the program. They have a user’s guide in their website for this purpose. The website also allows participants to register and be informed of the standard operating procedures used in the program. Those who want to use large volume of mails are advised to submit their mailing at a Business Mail Entry Unit so their requirements can be processed accordingly.

Participating in the EDDM™ Program

Knowing that others have succeeded in their initial moves to use the mail as a marketing strategy, many are prompted to follow the footsteps of those who dared to thread in this challenging path. The advice of the daring is rather simple - Look for a local printer to work with. The intricacies of participating in the EDDM™ program might be tedious and difficult for businessmen whose work experience has not prepared them for the job of creating attractive brochure designs that are used for direct mail advertising. In the process of EDDM™ Printing Service, professional designers employed by the local printer can produce expertly designed brochures for their clients who are taking part in the program.

The search for the printer that can produce the ideal Every Door Direct Mail™ piece starts in the internet where they are listed in printer associations or mail service providers. When the qualified EDDM™ printer is found, all the other steps and procedures needed for one to participate in the program will be relatively easy. The printer will gladly do all the work and documentation required by the Post Office in behalf of his client.

Assessing EDDM™ as a Marketing Strategy

After one has fully understood the ramifications of participating in the EDDM™ (Every Door Direct Mail) program, he has to make sure that he benefits from the program. He has to make sure that the market sector he is targeting is the one that will respond well to the mail that he sends out. He has to make periodic assessment of the market’s response to the promotional campaign. Making adjustments on the design and contents of the mail piece can be done after the assessments are made. Interviewing those who responded to the mail will be of great value because one will have an actual feedback on what benefits customers expect to get from the product.

Once a positive response is observed in a particular market sector, plans to duplicate the successful results should be made in other similar sectors of the market. One technique used by some businessmen is the use of a series of mails that gradually leads the customer to be captivated by the promotional gimmicks presented, beginning with a teaser that builds up great interest on the product and ending with promotional deals and offers that will finally close the sale. In using a series of mails to entice the customer, it is a good technique to alter the size or color of the printed materials and break the monotony of the mail pieces.

Those who doubt the effectiveness of the mail as a promotional strategy should take note that a report from the United States Postal Services states that more than 30 billion dollars a year are spent by different companies engaged in direct mail advertising. These are mostly spent by service companies, professionals, local retailers and manufacturers that have confidence in the value of mail advertising. Clearly, there is no reason why local retailers, professional service firms and other local businesses should not participate in the EDDM™ program that was especially designed for them.

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